2012 Wilson Six One 95 BLX 16×18 Tennis Racquet Review

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The Wilson tennis racquet family is one of the most widely used on the professional tour.  The Six.One’s have also been a long-time favorite of skilled amateur players around the world.  Wilson Sporting Goods, for 2012, has categorized the Six.One 95 BLX as a member of their “Control & Spin” series of tennis racquets.

Anyone who has been involved in tennis for a while will immediately recognize the Wilson Six One 95 design.  It has the tried and true flat-beam construction with added material on the ‘hoop’ at 3 & 9 o’clock.  This 2012 model has an attractive Red/White/Black color theme with striped accents.  I think it looks great—a classy design, not overdone—for a traditional player’s racquet.

The Wilson Six One 95 BLX features 2 of Wilson’s newest tech features:

  1. Basalt (BLX):  Basalt fibers are woven into the frame to reduced unwanted frequencies (vibrations) and to provide better feedback and feel.
  2. Amplifeel:  A new handle technology that provides enhanced feel by using graphite & basalt planks, Foam, and a softer butt-cap.

The Wilson Six One 95 BLX has a 95” head and weighs 11.7 oz. unstrung.  It has a choice of string patterns:  a very open 16 x 18 pattern or a tight 18 x 20.  The label on the racquet says it is 12 pts head-light and its flat-beam cross-section is a thin 21.6mm wide.  It is rated by Wilson as appropriate for skilled players with a long stroke.  It is the standard 27” length.  This play-test utilized the 16 x 18 string pattern.

Experienced baseliners will greatly enjoy the performance the Wilson Six One 95 BLX delivers.  Its weight (as one of the heavier racquets Wilson makes) really counteracts the force of the incoming ball.  And the amount of power it delivers for a 95” racquet is fantastic! (but you must have a full and fast swing to gain maximum benefit).  I was also pleased with its accuracy—as long as I hit in or near the “sweet-spot”.  One note about the weight:  even with its 12 point head-light design, the racquet is a bit slower coming around than a lighter racquet.  And late-hits can cause all kinds of trouble, including injury.  So be sure to demo this racquet and make certain its right for your game.

The Wilson Six.One 95 BLX was very accurate at the net.  It felt very stable and solid.  It was a bit slower than a lighter racquet—but that was to be expected.  It was not very forgiving, however, on “off-center” hits.  Any hit near the hoop would really twist the racquet in your hand and the where the shot went was “anyone’s guess.”  But again—this is a racquet designed for players who rarely miss the center of the strings!

Overheads / smashes were outstanding with the Six One 95 BLX.  It really propels the ball and is dead-on target.  Anyone who plays with this racquet will really, really look forward to “sitters”.

Serves were also excellent with the Six.One 95 BLX.  And for many of the same reasons overheads were great—good power, great accuracy, and wonderful “feel”.  Its weight and balance allows fast racquet-head speed.  It is a great weapon for the server.

The Wilson Six One 95 BLX tennis racquet is available with two string patterns:  16 x 18 (more spin/power) and 18 x 20 (more control).  I used the 16 x 18 and noted that it provided a predictable and adequate level of spin/slice etc. I was a bit surprised, however, with the great job it did with drop-shot performance (really cool!).

The Wilson Six.One 95 BLX is a racquet best suited for players in the 4.5+ NTRP category.  It is a time-tested design with the addition of new technology.  Any player who has the ability and confidence to swing fully, attack the ball, and can provide sufficient power will absolutely love this racquet.

Written by Greg Christopherson, a long-time tennis player and a professional racquet stringer who lives in Oceanside, Calif.

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