A Player’s Look at Why Babolat Pure Drive ‘Feels Good’

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Anyone who is the least bit interested in tennis will surely confirm that Babolat products have a huge presence on the courts.  From recreational and/or occasional participants to Professional players, one does not need to look far or hard to see Babolat’s logo all over the place!

Babolat’s Pure Drive racquets have been a consistent leader in sales volume and are recognized as appropriate sticks for a wide variety of skill levels. There must be a reason…

All Babolat Pure Drive racquets feature three main technologies:
1)  Cortex System
2)  GT
3)  Woofer

Benefits of the Vibration Filter
The Cortex Dampening System (CDS) is an active vibration filter that enhances feel.  “Feel” is tough to describe and may mean different things to different people.  Babolat Pure Drive racquets, however, have had great success with the Pure Drive Series and one of the most common remarks heard is “it just feels great”!  The CDS is an interface between the upper half (racquet face/frame) and the lower half (racquet handle).  It interrupts, or “filters” unwanted vibrations from reaching the player’s hand.  This, in turn, improves the player’s sensation of ball impact, i.e., ball “feel”.  Not all vibrations are removed (players need to know what’s going on).  Generally speaking, high-frequency vibrations are removed while useful low-frequency vibrations are retained.  Any regular tennis player seems to know the difference between “good sound” and “bad sound” upon ball impact (I was SURE that ball was going to be IN—it sounded so GOOD!).  Babolat says that Expert Players will benefit from the CDS because of its enhanced feel and that intermediate players will benefit from the additional comfort it provides.

Lighter Weight through Scientific Advancements
Babolat GT refers to the materials used to manufacture Pure Drive racquets:  Graphite Tungsten.  Used throughout the entire racquet, GT is a hybrid technology that combines braided carbon fibers with tungsten filaments added.  Babolat states that GT technology improves racquet performance in the areas of “control” and “feel”.  Babolat scientifically applies different concentrations of tungsten at strategic locations on each racquet to maximize its beneficial aspects.  Babolat also states that GT technology results in a 10%  increase in energy recovery which provides more power.

We’re Not Making Music Here
Woofer is Babolat’s invention and is designed to increase the interaction between the frame and the strings.  Part of thePure Driveracquet’s grommet system, it consists of raised areas between the grommet holes which act as cushions for the strings.  When a ball hits the stringbed this allows 25% more contact time of the ball on the strings.  The result is more control and a very comfortable feel.

As you can now tell, there is more to selecting a racquet than a pretty paint job. Tennis companies spend a great deal of money designing features that will give their products an edge over the competition.  Babolat has been, and remains, a leader in the industry.  Their racquet technology has surely been instrumental in their success—many racquets are purchased because they “feel good”.

And why not?

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