Adam Helfant Named New Chairman and President of the ATP

by The Insider on January 13, 2009 · 3 comments

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It has been reported that former Nike executive Adam Helfant has been named as the new executive chairman and president of the ATP. The 44-year-old American succeeds Etienne de Villiers, who chose not to renew his contract with the ATP after more than three years in the post, as the head of the governing body of men’s tennis.

Mr. Helfant, 42, joined NIKE in 1995 in the Company’s legal department, and was appointed Director of Business Affairs for Global Sports Marketing in 1997, Director of Global Sports Marketing in 1998, Director of U.S. Sports Marketing in 2001, Vice President of U.S. Sports Marketing in 2003, and corporate Vice President, Global Sports Marketing in August 2004. Prior to joining NIKE, he was in private practice and an attorney for NHL Enterprises, Inc.

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Nettie Chauvin March 27, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Have been trying to find out who current Tennis Chairman is.

I cannot believe that no one has yet to realize Djokovic’s tactica. His opponents don’t lose to him. Djokovic causes great distraction to his opponents with his number of bounces prior to serving a tennis ball.

In the Indian Wells final this past week — I actually counted up to 24 bounces (in one preparation for serve) whereas the average number of bounces by Professional players is only 4-6, The time used in this unprofessional play plus trying to break his opponent’s concentration is way out-of-line. I always thought there was a time limit once both players were in position to play for the server to actually serve the ball.

It drives me to distraction and I’m not his opponent.

Just a thought from a former tennis player and avid tennis watcher.


The Insider March 29, 2011 at 9:13 am

How can you be a former tennis player.. playing tennis is for life!


Anne Meyers September 13, 2011 at 9:12 pm

Because so many of the players speak on camera and refer to the tennis channel as ‘where champions live’ I would ask that you share with the players the fact that their fans who subscribe to the tennis channel were deprived by FIOS/VERIZON of most of the interesting matches at the recent US OPEN. The word travesty occurs to me except that a four letter word is more appropriate. There were a zillion excuses and how to get it back by upgrading and in the end it turned out that the tennis channel pulled its coverage in a dispute with VERIZON. Given that there are no laws governing cable providers, perhaps the players could decide to steer clear of promoting the tennis channel. VERIZON is a whole other story. GREED is the real deal.


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