Alize Cornet Wears Ribbon in Support of Virginie Razzano’s Loss

by Dasha Sulimoff on May 23, 2011 · 0 comments

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Fellow French player of Virginie Razzano, Alize Cornet is going to wear a ribbon throughout the French Open in remembrance of Razzano’s late fiancee, Stephane Vidal. Stephane Vidal, who was also Razzano’s coach passed away due to a brain tumor last Monday. She wore the black ribbon in her first round win over Renata Vorakova.

“I will not be the only one to wear this black ribbon,” Cornet told reporters. “It’s really moving for all of us and, I’m a good friend of Virginie’s. The French players pay a tribute to Stephane to show Virginie that we would support her daily because we’re always by her side. It’s very tough for her, and I hope that we can enjoy playing doubles together. I thought about Stephane and Virginie when I had when I was too much stress [on court], and what they’re going through. I thought, I’m so lucky to be here, all this stress on my shoulders. It’s so much like nothing at all compared to what happened between them. It was a sign. I’ll keep it throughout the tournament, and each match I’ll play my victories will be for her, because it’s someone I really loved.”

I’m sure it is a very sad time for Razzano and Vidal’s relatives, but I think it very courageous and mighty of Razzano to play the French Open even during a tough time like this. My hat goes off to her for such a willing choice and I wish her the best for her recovery from the loss. Alize Cornet made a very classy move to wear the ribbon and it really shows how much she cares for the other players. Well done, Alize!

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