Andy Murray and the curse of Armstrong

by Glenys Furness on September 1, 2014 · 0 comments

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Andy Murray is at Flushing Meadows for the last grand slam of the year.  He has progressed to the second round of this years tournament, but it has not been an easy road.

Whenever Andy has to play on Louis Armstrong court (by his own admission, not one of his favourite courts) he struggles.  In his first round match he was on this court, and got off to the best start by taking the first 2 sets, however it was clear he was beginning to feel unwell and struggle.  Set 3 proved this in that he could barely moved, looked in a lot of pain and hunched up a lot.  He was clearly injured or suffering, but he did not call the trainer.  He lost that set by a breadstick, something that had not happened to him for a while.  The 4th set was going pretty much the same way, although by now his opponent was also struggling with an injury and did call for the trainer.  Somehow, Andy survived this match and served out for the win.  He revealed later that he was suffering badly with cramps and this is why he did not call for the trainer as you can’t for cramp.

His 2nd round match was on Arther Ashe a much better court for Andy.  This match was much more straight forward and he won in straight sets without any issues.  However, his 3rd round match was back on Armstrong, and again, he started off well again and was 2 sets up again.  He then struggled again in the 3rd set and lost that 4-6.  He did come through the match again in 4 sets so is now up against Tsonga in the 4th round – this has been scheduled for Ashe tomorrow (thankfully).

This may just be me, but it does seem that Armstrong is a cursed court for Andy as he always appears to struggle here.  I am not sure what causes this, I just hope that at some time in the future he is able to break the curse of Armstrong.

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