Andy Murray Is The US Open 2012 Champion

by The Insider on September 12, 2012 · 0 comments

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Andy Murray outlasted world number two Novak Djokovic to win his first grand slam title at the US Open, winning a marathon match 7-6 (10) 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2.

For the last couple of years two different phrases have been thrown around, “big four” and “the big three and Andy Murray” the latter no longer exists as by winning his first major, US Open champion Andy Murray has proven there is without a doubt a “big four” showing he really does belong among the elite. The British public have put so much pressure on British players over the past few decades to overthrow the ghost of Fred Perry, at last Andy Murray can put him to rest, he’s got his maiden slam and looking so dominant on court.

Watching the final was petrifying as every set could have gone either way, the world number two and now world number three definitely took the game of tennis to the same physical level that Novak and Rafa did in Australia earlier this year, with Andy showing how much he’s improved his mental composure and his ability to raise his level as and when it is needed. This marks the first year since 2003 that there has been four different slam winners, levelling out the accomplishments between the “big four”!

Well we talk about the “big four” but honestly can we really say Roger Federer is going to be around past 2014? I personally believe Federer cannot last in the extremely physical matches like the finals of Australia and the US Open so perhaps the “big three” could become a reality in the next twelve months. With Andy having broken his grand slam duck and no one outside the top four seeming to have any chance against them, how far can he ride the waves of success with Rafa injured, Federer not getting any younger and Novak finally conquered maybe what we thought was his summer could be the beginning of his legacy. Murray’s former coach Miles Maclagan states it will probably go one of two ways, either he will catch fire and rip up the tour or there will be a let down, lets hope its the former as when Andy Murray is on fire, he is unstoppable! Watching matches like his Demolition of Federer in the 2012 Olympics or his domination of Rafa in the Rakuten Japan Open last year just shows that Murray is capable of catching fire when he goes on a run of wins!

With the Asian swing approaching and the ATP World Tour Finals looming, Andy will be setting his sights on a finals title as well as finishing the year inside the top three for the first time! There will always be doubters, people who have no clue what tennis is all about, we can let them talk about how the only tournament worth winning is Wimbledon or that Roger gave Andy the gold medal because he felt sorry for him, its important to remember he no longer has to prove himself, Andy Murray is a grand slam champion and dare I say it, a tennis legend in the making!

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