Anna Kournikova Bar Brawl in Vegas

by The Insider on July 6, 2009 · 3 comments

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Anna KournikovaIm not really too sure why but I still class Anna Kournikova as a previously good tennis player, so thought I better continue to write about her new crazy antics off court. Kournikova always seems close to trouble and when she was on tour she wasnt very liked and know as being a bitch.

Kournikova was in the headlines again this week because she was involved in a bit of a bar brawl in Las Vegas. Kournikova wasnt really in a brawl it was more of a woman throwing a drink over here. Knowing Kournikova she most probably had a bit of a run in with the woman and then probably mouthed off knowing that she would have a lot of people around her to protect her. Kournikova really needs to grow up and get over herself!

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