Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario Family Stole Over $50 Million From Her (inlcuding Emilio and Javier)

by The Insider on February 6, 2012 · 1 comment

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Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario has just released her book in which she has announced that her parent stole $50 million of her earnings and that she no longer speaks to them.

“My parents made me suffer a lot,” she commented and said she has no relationships with anyone in her family, including her two former pro player brothers, Emilio and Javier.

Sanchez won $16.9 million dollars in prize money in her 17-year career but claims that overall (including endorsements) she took in about $59 million.

“Today I am without resources,” said Sanchez, who has just taken over as Spain’s Fed Cup captain.

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Sarah February 29, 2012 at 8:06 pm

From everything I’ve read, and the Spanish TV stations I’ve watched, this appears to be a story of insane infatuation on the part of a woman, some incompetent managing, and a do-nothing, good looking guy who is a fortune-hunter and nothing else.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Arantxa, who was managed by her mom and dad, and won 3 French Opens. She had two brothers who were also tennis players whom she loved. The parents, whom she was very close to, managed the brothers as well. The father was no financial wizard and didn’t manage their money too well (how often does this happen), but she lived and lives pretty well.

Into her world comes a very cute, short man she falls madly in love with (his name is Josep). He had debts out the wazoo, had many lawsuits against him, cheated various people, and was even investigated for the ‘mysterious’ death of an associate, and had a girlfriend.

Arantxa didn’t know any of this. All she knew was that he was cute, very gentlemanly, told her he was madly in love with her, and showed up at her house for dates driving Ferraris and Porsches of all kinds, and pretending he was the perfect man. And he swept her off her feet.

One fine day, he proposed marriage. She was ecstatic. He was asked to sign a prenup, but refused. There would be no marriage to him if he was asked to sign a prenup. No way, Jose! Or is that, no way Josep?

Arantxa’s parents had already sensed that this Josep guy wasn’t all he said he claimed to be, and so they hired a detective to investigate him, and found out all about his lawsuits, debts, girlfriend, and countless other issues which made him a less than ideal marriage candidate for anyone. But he was SO CUTE that it was too late. She was hooked. He had full control of her emotionally. So she married him.

Long story short:

She has cut ties with her parents, with her siblings, and with all her former friends. In fact, the only person she trusts in life, is this Josep. She defends him publicly against the press when the press comes out with his sordid background.

What’s more, she’s sued her parents. Her father currently has cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. Makes no difference to her! She has her Josep.

What’s more, she’s published a book stating that her entire family stole her ‘fortune.’

Many people have come forward to say this Josep dude is a quite the piece of work. He’s cheated people financially, and crook doesn’t begin to describe him. However, she’s insanely in love with him. Or infatuated, anyway. By the time she takes her non-prenup’d money and abandons her for someone else, she will look back and wonder what the frikkin’ hell could have come over her that she gave up her entire family and all her friends for this fortune hunter.

Stay tuned. This is a perfect example of truly inane people who take up with people who are unsuitable for anyone, and then refuse to listen to anyone’s advice. Fascinating! (To me, anyway).


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