Australian Tennis Will Be Back In Control in 2012

by The Insider on July 2, 2008 · 0 comments

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Australian tennis has been going through a very hard patch lately with only Lleyton Hewitt in the top 50 in the world a lot of people have been asking major questions about Australian tennis. Currently, Hewitt is still some how in the top 30 even though he now concetrates a lot more on his personal life. Australias second best player Chris Guccione is sitting at about 70 in the world. A huge difference from what Australian tennis used to be like.

Tennis Australia have long been criticised for doing not much for the development of tennis in Australia and this seems to still continue. This year in the Wimbledon boys singles however there are 3 Australian players already in the Quarterfinals. Is this because of the effort Tennis Australia is putting in, I doubt it!

Im going to say that tennis in Australia is again on the rise and it will be back to its former glory in 2012. Players such as 15 year old Bernard Tomic, Brydan Klein, Dane Propoggia, Andrew Thomas, Jared Easton, Nick Lindahl and Andrew Coehlo. I really do believe that 2 of these players will be in the top 20 in the world when 2012 comes around.

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