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Ben Mitchell Returns to Playing ITF Tournaments in Australia After Long Time Layoff

Ben Mitchell is returning to the tennis court at the Alice Spring ITF Tournament. Ben reached a career high of 204 back in 2015, but stopped playing due to personal reasons.

“It’s early days, my first tournament back, but obviously I’m refreshed mentally,” Mitchell said. “I’ve put in a ten-week training block leading up to this, so I’m going to give the Aussie summer a good crack and then go from there.”

Mitchell added that Alice Springs was “basically his last tournament” before his time away from the game. “Probably last year when I was here, all I could think about was getting back home and stopping. It was pretty tough with things off court and I was not really enjoying the whole lifestyle of it all.” he said.

“But now I feel like I want to be here and I want to do well, so there’s obviously been a big change in mindset.”

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