Best Tennis Specific Sunglasses That Are Actually Affordable

by The Insider on July 12, 2010 · 1 comment

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Ive been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to test out the latest Sport specific sunglasses to hit the market. Tifosi is an eye wear company specialising in Golf and Tennis sunglasses. Tefosi sent over two sunglasses for me to test out, their Envy and Tyrant products.

Envy – Product page

The Envy sunglasses come with GT Fototec lens, which utilizes variable tint technology (in other words glare is always low no matter what angle). The Envy only weighs 21 grams and provides great maneuverability. The lenses on the Envy are interchangeable and have anti-fog technology. The Envy are very affordable retailing at only $59.99 USD. The only downside is that the glasses don’t seem to completely surround your eye line, thus allowing sunlight in under and around the side of the glasses. Overall, the Envy seems to be very well made and really worth the price tag. I would highly recommend giving these glasses a go!

Tyrant – Product page

The Tyrant is an excellent model focused at tennis players specifically. The Tyrant has an open frame design that makes for an obstruction free view, however the frame itself does seem a little too flexible and flimsy. The Tyrant is a little heavier than the Envy and also has a much better surface area, not allowing sun to sneak in around the glasses. Price is $59.99 USD. If your a tennis player and looking for an affordable pair of glasses to play in, then the Tyrant is for you.

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