BNP Paribas Masters – Day 6

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Started my day at the Viagogo desk in the main atrium. My pass gives me a seat in the press area so I might as well get some money back and pass the seat on to someone else. I had tried previously to list the tickets, I thought I had done so yesterday but for some reason unknown it did not work. I tried again last night but it would not play. After a play about the young lady managed to list my ticket for the semi final & final. Within an hour both tickets had been sold. Great idea as the tickets here are face value unlike at the O2 where I know people to have paid way over the odds. How are we supposed to stamp out ticket touts when official channels rip you off?

On to the tennis of the day and I started on Centre with the Andy Show. I missed the first three games due to selling my tickets. There was lots of “come on Andy” “what was that Andy” “nice shot Andy” Basically lots of Andy 🙂 Expected a better showing from Roddick but at least I got a racquet smash and umpire rant. He explained in his Press Conference that he was “not arguing” “I was just more concerned with the dramatic nature of announcing the score, waiting about a minute and a half until I was literally right in front of him and then dropped the warning on me”

I moved off to catch a bit of Berdych v Tipsarevic on Court 1. I am going to take credit for Tomas’ win today. He was playing rubbish before I arrived. Once I did he turned 1-4 into 7-5. He had a slight wobble after I left but he must of thought about my support and he pulled through in straights. My Court 1 you can hear Centre so I knew that Murray had won and Novak would be out shortly. I made good time to get there in time for the start of the match.

Slow start from Novak and I wondered if the shoulder was giving him any trouble. Great stuff from Viktor and rightly so that he took the first set. A lovely rally was played with a sublime drop shot winner from Viktor :hatoff:

I got a little ticking off in the Media Centre by a British journalist today. I had missed Murray’s presser but he was talking to a few people from the British media. Anyway I saw him later on and he explained the arrangement they have with Murray so all is cool.

Moved to Court 1 to catch a few games of Ferrer v Dolgopolov then headed back to see the end of the 2nd set between Novak & Viktor. Stayed there until the end as Novak turned it around. He sure has to play his way into matches right now, going to be a tough one against Jo in the QF. I did have a little panic attack about his shoulder but as he mentioned in his presser “ I pulled out in the end I think a good performance, a good win”.

I enjoyed Jo’s match. Not much to say as I didn’t right much down as I wanted to enjoy. I did note that the 3rd game of the 1st set took 48 seconds. Missed the last few games as I could see activity in the Media Centre so presumed Novak was on his way. I was correct and sat in on his presser. I really want his hoody jacket, must go look at his website later to see where you can buy one.

Stayed in the Media Centre and wrote this report whilst watching Fish v Monaco until after Jo’s presser. All in French but he is so sweet I just wanted to listen to him talk, even though I had no clue what he was saying. I just wanted to drool 🙂 And drool I did. He answered a few questions at the end in English about his qualification for the O2, half wish I was going now.

Went to catch some Fish 🙂 then free beer time!!!!! I watched on the TV as Mardy had to retire. Such a shame as he has the O2 coming up shortly. The first and most likely the last time he will qualify he will qualify for the World Tour Finals. Happy Hour is never good, especially when free. Limited myself to three beers before going to treat myself to the best panini in the world. On my way back to the Media Centre to pick up my bag I also treated myself to a Djokovic dampener and new grips. Lets see if they help my game improve. Went to Mardy’s presser, he seemed very philosophical about the injury but will get treatment between now & London so he was give it his best shot.

Watched a bit of TV whilst typing this report then headed to Centre for a bit of Roggie. Gasquet was poor as much as Roger was good in the first set and not much changed in the 2nd. Back to the Press bar for the end of Happy Hour (why not when it is free) Missed Gasquet in his Press Conference but made it in time for Roger. He said he felt good, he stayed calm when Gasquet came back and was able to wait for his chance and bounce right back.

I then went back onto Centre to watch Lopez v Big Johnnie, Big J won 🙂 I waited for the metro traffic to die down and to finish this report. I would have liked to see Isner’s presser but by 23.10 there was still no word about the time so I left. Bought myself a cheap bottle of French red wine on my way home 🙂

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