Busy day in the life of Andy Murray

by Glenys Furness on November 26, 2014 · 0 comments

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Well, what a day to announce things, Andy Murray has had a very busy day for news today.  First the news broke (and confirmed on his website) that he has split with Jez Green (fitness trainer – this to be honest had probably been on the cards for a while, as Jez has not been travelling as much with the team, and is working with another young tennis player) and more of a surprise to the outside world Dani Vallvedu his assistant coach.  He is keeping on Ameile as his head coach.  The official announcement says it was mutual and that they all felt a change was for the best for them all, he wishes them well for the future and thanks them for all they have done for him.  Stories had been floating around for a while that Dani was not happy about not being consulted regarding Ameile’s appointment, but this author believes that Dani went with Andy to Paris and met with her before she was appointed, I do know that Dani has never been particularly happy with the certain parts of the media (usually those not up on tennis) referring to him as Andys hitting partner, he has been so much more than that.  Time will tell if this is the right decision, but Andy usually knows what he is doing (remember appointing Lendl, when many said it was wrong).


Not long ago more news broke, Andy has proposed to Kim and she has said Yes – it is believed that he popped the question last Wednesday (making up for deserting her the Sunday before to save the ATP World tour finals final day? LOL) – there were plenty of rumours on this potential news, and certainly nothing on his website (the last time this author checked), but his management company and agent have both confirmed it to the media (BBC, Daily Mail).


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