Dan Evans Gets Punished by LTA for Partying. But Im Sure He Isnt Too Worried!

by The Insider on July 22, 2008 · 0 comments

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This is a story has been blown totally out of proportion. I was reading on the Mail website today about one of Britains top junior tennis players and how he has been hit by a ban from the LTA. Dan Evans was the player in question has has been stripped of all funding and support from the LTA for four months because he went out on the piss during Wimbledon. Evans was seen with his doubles partner Smethurst leaving a Wimbledon town nightclub at 3am. I think this is just a little over the top!

Most tennis players on tour especially juniors really enjoy to go out and party. I know he picked the wrong time to do it, while playing at Wimbledon and of course he should be punished for this. However, you have to expect these to players to unwind somehow and with him still being in juniors most of the top players will see their funding stop when they move into Adults anyways. I do think that British tennis is getting it wrong with funding anyways, but that’s another article. Evans only has another year or two of funding left before they will just remove him from the system, so he might was well enjoy his time at the top of juniors while he has it, because the next few years will be the hardest of his life, if he wants to make a career out of tennis.

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