Differences Between Sampras and Federer: From Sampras

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Pete Sampras has just released a very interesting list of what seperates him from Roger Federer.

  • I never dropped F or S bombs – EVER.
  • Never argued with the referee despite the absence of Hawk-Eye to the extent that it got out of control.
  • Was always gracious in defeat.
  • Always respected the players box residents from the opposing camp.
  • Never berated my arch rival – Agassi – publicly.
  • Had kids – WITHOUT a condom – AND AFTER marriage.
  • Overall a far classier career.
  • Never paid more than $20 for a hair cut – including the tip.
  • Despite Safin’s presence, I never waivered from which opening I was after.
  • I have two BOYS who are far better looking than those ordinary looking twin GIRLS.
  • My nose doesn’t get to places 10 minutes before my arrival.
  • I don’t dream of going shopping on my off days.
  • I retired while still on top – kind of – after beating my arch rival in the finals.
  • I have a prettier wife.
  • I can still beat Federer in a street fight – with one hand – to match his condition – to level the field.

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