Djokovic Wins Dream Title over Nadal at Wimbledon

by Dasha Sulimoff on July 3, 2011 · 0 comments

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The biggest stage at Wimbledon was set for Sunday and the men’s title was on the line between two of the greatest players in men’s tennis. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal went out onto Centre Court this afternoon in London with immense calmness and ready to compete for the greatest title in tennis.

The first set was marked with great consistency from both players as well as some tight points that showed us that each player is not here to play around. The crucial point in the first set came at 4-5 with Nadal on serve, when Djokovic had a set point at 30-40 and he capitalized on it with an error from Nadal, who hit a ball wide.

The second set looked like Nadal just didn’t have the skill to keep up with Djokovic and so Novak finished off the second with a quick and simple score of 6-1. People probably thought that this would be the end of Nadal’s reign, but just as they started to doubt his chances, Nadal fired back with a confident third set score of 6-1. The match wasn’t over yet and Djokovic never under-estimated his opponent from the start. Novak then picked up his rhythm and Nadal kept up with him until 4-3 in the fourth, when Djokovic commandeered his way to 5-3 with himself on serve. 40-30…match point, and Djokovic took his time by bouncing the tennis ball many times before serving the ball in and working the ball into the court, Nadal then went for too much on a shot and missed it long. Bang… Djokovic has won it with a score of 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3.

That was it, Djokovic had become the new Wimbledon champion and did it in the greatest fashion possible. His family all hugging each other in a huddle and smiling with joy, they couldn’t witness a more special moment in Novak’s career. At the trophy presentation, Novak couldn’t be more humble when he was presented the trophy and had his little speech. He stated that he always wanted to win Wimbledon since he was very little and that it was just a dream to hold the trophy up in victory since Wimbledon was the very first tennis tournament he saw on television and also his favorite. Nadal was also very polite and gave all credit to Novak. There was also a little trouble with the microphones, so the presenter had to use two of them at a time so folks at home and at the stadium could hear the players speak 🙂

On Monday, Novak Djokovic will become the new world number one as well, and what better way to do it than to hold the title at Wimbledon and still holding his winning record of matches at 48-1 for 2011.

Novak, you are the player of the year so far, so enjoy your celebration!!!

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