Fabrice Santoro and His Last French Open

by The Insider on May 22, 2009 · 1 comment

in ATP News

Fabrice Santoro, nicknamed the Magician for his habit of mystifying bigger and stronger opponents, is proudly preparing to open his bag of tricks for his 20th and final French Open show. The Frenchman, who will retire at the end of the year, will extend his record of appearances at grand-slam events to 67 in the May 24-June 7 claycourt tournament.

“Last Roland Garros, last year on the circuit, there is that feeling that a page is being turned and an immense satisfaction to have done 20 of them,” the 36-year-old Santoro told Reuters in an interview.

“I never dreamed I would get that far.” One of the few major players on the men’s circuit to hit both shots double-handed, Santoro has won many admirers over the years for his finesse and sense of strategy. “I keep bumping into people who tell me to carry on but in my head it’s clear, I’m stopping,” he said.

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