Federer becoming a Dad

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Roger Federer is becoming a father. Federer himself announced the good news on his website rogerfederer.com today. Arriving in Indian Wells he said:”I have good news that I want to share with you guys: Mirka and I will become parents this summer. Mirka is pregnant and over happy. This is a dream that comes true for us. We love children and we really look forward to becoming parents ourselves. Mirka is doing great and everything is going the way it is supposed to.”

Roger Federer and Miroslava Vavrinec have been together for more then 8 years now. They got to know each other at the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney. Vavrinec put an end to her career (best ranking no. 76) and ever since is touring around the world with Federer.

Now hearing those great news, a wedding seems to be very likely to take place in the next few months. But not a lot of players, being a father stayed on the tour. Pete Sampras retired after becoming a father, McEnroe and Lendl stayed on the tour but didn’t win any major tournaments anymore. Becker and Agassi are the exceptions to the rule: They both won another Grand slam tournament after becoming a father. And both of them got married right before the birth of their child.

In the current top 100 ATP players we have only a bunch of fathers, and Lleyton Hewitt is the perfect example that it is not easy being a father and a tennis player at the same time, and that it is difficult to reach your old level again. But let’s just congratulate Federer and Vavrinec and wish them all the best and see what the future holds for us.

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