Ice Bandage: Will This Be In Every Players Tennis Bag

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icebandageOne of the most common injuries amongst tennis players – and indeed any sportsperson, be they a club player or professional athlete – is the dreaded ankle sprain/ twist. Depending on the severity of the sprain it could mean a week out or several. Also, depending on the action taken when the injury occurs, the speed in which it is correctly treated also makes a big difference to the recovery period.

During the recent Hopman Cup in Perth, Australia, German Nicolas Kiefer suffered an ankle injury while leading Slovakia’s Domink Hrbaty 3-1. Hrbaty himself suffered this kind of injury early in his career, and it was his first aid efforts among apparently confused medical personnel at the venue that benefited his opponent.

Which is why Ice Bandage could prove an essential accessory for the racket bags of tennis players throughout the country, who do not have access to on-site medical staff or Domink Hrbaty. The most tennishead’s local tennis club can provide is a basic first aid box – at least the club bar offers numerable pain relief options.

When the silver packet is opened it reveals a moist, soft bandage that will cool the site of injury for up to two hours – much longer than ice packs, gels and sprays. It is said to reduce swelling and pain within 10 minutes and no refrigeration is needed.

Ice Bandage can be used on all injuries that need cooling, including sprains and strains to the ankle, wrist, elbow, hand, knee and back. For optimal results the bandage is used to complete the RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) method.

Ice Bandage costs £3.91 and is available from independent pharmacies nationwide. For further information click here.

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