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by Michael on October 5, 2008 · 0 comments

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Doubles is won at the net. The majority of the game of doubles is about intimidating your opponents. The first pair to reach the net, has the greatest chance of winning the point. This is why every server, should be following their serve into the net. Very rarely does the server stay back on the baseline.

When your partner is serving, move towards the net as the serve passes past you. Just one step or shuffle will do. Your partner will be following his serve in, and therefore together you will create a feeling of strong intimidation.

Another benefit of moving forward with your partners serve is that you are already preparing yourself for a volley. You already have forward momentum, and therefore a more likely to execute your volley well. Some net players a standing flat-footed. They have very little time to react to the return, and therefore are hitting a defensive volley.

Another large benefit, is an active get player creates uncertainty in the returners is mind. the returner will feel more pressure on the return, knowingly they have to hit a great return to keep the net player out of the point.

In summary, the benefits of following your partner’s serve in are

  • Intimidation
  • Better Prepared for a volley
  • Uncertainty in the returners mind

Try this simple tip. After a few points or a few games you will find that your opponent’s will feel the pressure on their returns. They will start to go for bigger returns and take more risks to keep you out of the point.

Enjoy, Michael

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