Is Womens Tennis Back To The State It Was A Few Years Ago?

by The Insider on July 7, 2008 · 4 comments

in WTA News

The Williams sisters are back to tennis back on the top of the world. Venus won the Womens Singles Final and of course played her sister in the final. Additionally, both sisters teamed up to win the doubles final. This brings be back to the same old debate, where is the state of womens tennis? Currently, with the Williams sisters not focusing on tennis that much in the past few years, it reallys makes me wonder that the states of womens tennis is back in a poor state. I realise that there are a lot more players on higher rankings than the sisters, but in this case I dont think rankings have a relevance at all. Can someone progress the level of womens tennis to match them? Will Justine Henin realise that she retired in too much of a haste? Who can really challenger them and who can become so dominant in the womens games, as much as Roger Federer and Nadal are in the mens game?

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