Jankovic says Federer should mind his own business

by The Insider on February 11, 2009 · 1 comment

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Last month, former world number one Federer pointed out that a player who has never won a grand slam should not be granted the number one spot, but the way the WTA ranking is calculated this is possible. Jankovic became world no.1 in the WTA rankings in August having never won a major tournament. Her best performance in a Grand Slam tournament so far is finals at last year’s US Open where she was defeated by Serena Williams.

The Serb has since dropped down to no.3 after a shocking defeat in the Aussie Open’s 4th round.

“To be honest, I do not like to talk about players, I really prefer to focus on myself,” Jankovic said in an interview at the Paris Open which is held this week.

She said she could not understand why Federer felt the need to hit out at women’s tennis while his great rival Rafa Nadal, who took over from the Swiss as world number one, was so “humble”.

“Why should he even care? I don’t like putting my nose in other’s business.

“I mean, one thing I like about Nadal is that he is such a great champion, he is so humble, always has kind words for everybody, he is a role model for everybody,” said Jankovic.

“Federer is a great champion, I don’t want to get in a fight with him but why does he care, I really don’t understand. Why does he need to do that?”

Federer also criticized Jankovic’s compatriot Novak Djokovic when he quit because of the heat in his Australian Open quarter-final match against Andy Roddick.

“I’m almost in favour of saying, you know what, if you’re not fit enough, just get out of here,” the Swiss said.

Jankovic said Federer should not criticise fellow players. “I don’t think it’s nice to attack other players.

“If he retired, he probably had his reasons, he knows better. You cannot attack someone when you don’t have proof, when you don’t have a piece of evidence.

Unfortunately I get more and more echos from different parts of the world, saying that Federer is not the One he used to be before: humble, simple, kind and definitely not criticizing other players. It seems that ever since he starts to go down in his ranking he is haunted by doubts. Will he ever manage to win the 14th Grand Slam title? Will he become better than Sampras as everyone predicted already years ago? Let’s see what the future holds for us, hoping that Federer doesn’t lose his humility and that he shows us some more great tennis.

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Farhan September 27, 2015 at 9:14 pm

I’m also hoping Rafa wins! He ralley deserves it since he missed so many other tournaments~Sometimes I feel ralley done but on those days I like to think about the little thinks I’m grateful for, or the little things that made me feel happier during the day. Take some time out to do the things you love! I hope it’ll start making you feel better soon []


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