K-Swiss Tennis Shoes Aren’t So ‘Classic’ Anymore

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There are a vast number of tennis shoe manufacturers out there today.  So many, in fact, that the term “tennis shoe” has become a generic description for just about any footwear with a cushioned sole and a fabric or leather “non-polishing” upper.  K-Swiss Tennis shoes, however, are the real deal.

Art and Ernie Brunner, two brothers from Switzerland, formed K-SWISS in Los Angeles in 1966.  They had immigrated to the United States and began playing tennis.  Well—they must have loved tennis because they formed their company and introduced the world’s first leather tennis shoe that same year!  They named their new shoe the “Classic”—a name and product that is still available almost 50 years later.  K-Swiss Tennis shoes are very popular—and designed specifically for the sport of tennis.  K-Swiss has also expanded their product line to include footwear for several other sports and lifestyle activities.

K-Swiss tennis shoes are available in several designs, for men, women, and children.  Most of their shoes are easily recognized from afar because of the K-Swiss “style”—multiple (5) horizontal sewn-in stripes on the sides (K-Swiss used white stripes on white leather in its early products).

K-Swiss tennis shoes have some interesting names within the Men’s Women’s and Children’s lines such as Big Shot, Defier, Tubes, Stabilor, Ultrascendor, Glaciator, Optim, Uproar, and Arvee.  (whew—talk about “spellchecker” going crazy!!)  But once you get acquainted with the line you will quickly realize that K-Swiss puts a lot of thought and effort in their shoe designs.

The men’s Bigshot, for example, is marketed as the “fastest tennis shoe on the market” and was tested by the P3 Sports Science Institute.  It weighs only 13.5 oz. and offers a cushioned ride with its “superfoam” footbed.  It offers “Guideglide” stability midsole construction and has a ballistic propulsion plate that helps keep players on the balls of their feet during play.  It sole is high-abrasion rubber and the Bigshot comes with a 6-month outsole wear warranty.

Some K-Swiss Tennis shoes are also offered in a “mid” size (increased height around ankles) for players who wish for a bit more support and stability.  And what’s really nice is the fact that K-Swiss Tennis Shoes are even made for what they call “little kids” (sizes 10.5 to 3)—a good thing when trying to encourage our kids to play tennis (provide good support and they look “just like” Mommy or Daddy).

So the next time you are shopping for shoes you may wish to give K-Swiss tennis shoes a tryout.  Their line is huge, quality exceptional, and they are dedicated to the sport of tennis.  After all, they were the “original”!

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