Language Barrier In Tennis

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An interesting topic has surfaced in Rome, the language barrier.

Andy Murray has commented that English speaking players are more likely to be punished for swearing on court.

Murray was warned during his 2nd Round match against David Nalbandian despite the fact that on several occasions during the match Nalbandian was guilty of using obscene language.

“I swear on court regularly.

“I try not to but sometimes you forget where you are and what’s going on. It’s a mistake and something I try not to do.”

“I understood a lot of the stuff he was saying from the time I spent in Spain.

“But because what I say is in English we’re always the ones to get the warnings.

“I don’t think what came out of my mouth was anywhere near as bad as the translation of the things he said.

“But it’s not right to do it and I deserved a warning.”

Roger Federer has joined in the debate. Though he is Swiss, Roger regularly speaks on court on English.

“I guess the English speakers are more likely to be understood so I probably agree with Andy.

“It shouldn’t matter what language it is, the umpire should be consistent.”

A side topic that arose from this conversation is that old chestnut, coaching. Roger commented that it may also be easier for non-English speakers to be coached during a match.

“It’s like the coaches who speak to their players while they are out on court. It’s an advantage to be able to communicate in their native language to their player and no one understands.”

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