Margaret Court has nothing against homosexuals

by Dasha Sulimoff on January 12, 2012 · 0 comments

in Grand Slams

After the heated headlines of Margaret Court being against gay marriage and homosexual unions, the 24-time Grand Slam champion decided to set things straight about her beliefs concerning the gay community.

Court told the Reuters that she isn’t disinclined toward gay people, just the notion of same-sex marriage. She is a pastor at the Victory Life Center church in Perth and sternly follows the beliefs written in the bible.

“I actually love homosexual people,” stated the 69-year-old. “I do not have anything against them. It’s just my view (about gay marriage) and it’s in the scriptures … The bible will always be the TV guide to my life. I believe marriage is something between a man and a woman.”

Protesters have expressed their disappointment by arranging planned protests at the Margaret Court Arena which is in use for the Australian Open beginning on January 16th. Margaret Court hasn’t changed her mind about attending this year’s Slam in Melbourne despite the risks of protest. According to the bible, she believes that marriage is something between man and woman, and the union of two people of the same gender in marriage is “unhealthy” and “unnatural”.

It is probably understandable why the Australian is in a stance against same-sex marriage, and she has every right to her opinion. But beware Dame Court, for you may see rainbow flags flying high in all their splendor at this year’s Australian Open.

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