Mikhail Youzhny Earns His PhD in Philosophy from the University of Moscow

by The Insider on December 16, 2011 · 0 comments

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Mikhail Youzhny has just earned his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Moscow. This a great achievement as he has also been trying to play tennis from time to time.

“I took my coach (of 17 years), Boris Sobkin, and my family and friends as well, and the guy who helped me with the degree. There were some professors from the university there. I was a bit nervous because it was something new, it’s not like a tennis match I’m going to play, which I do every week. I was answering questions and reasoning, so of course it’s different. But actually, when I think about what I said, it’s my life, what I’m doing every day on court.”

Congrats Mikhail!! It must have been tough to be playing and also studying since 2005.

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