Murray Calls For Heart Tests

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Thankfully it looks like Fabrice Muamba is going to pull through his terrible ordeal. Andy Murray has called for heart scanning to be performed across ALL sports.

“This has happened too many times. In the States it’s happened in high school and college basketball games and, of course, it’s happened a few times in football,” Murray told MSN Sport. “With all the pressure and stress of modern sport you have no idea how much you are pushing yourself on the pitch or court, I think it’s something that’s just got to be done.

“It should be something that’s just done. I think it’s time in almost all sports everybody should have screenings before they can compete.”

The British No. 1 revealed he started having his heart checked independently but he believes Muamba’s plight should act as a wake-up call for all sports.

“I do my tests independently,” he said. “I’ve been doing my tests for three years now so I have heart scans, heart monitors and other tests. I started when these things seemed to be happening more often.

“But it’s not something that’s done within tennis. But I just think it should be. Everyone should have a medical or a check-up before you’re allowed to compete because it’s such a horrible thing for people to witness.

“The reality is if something doesn’t happen about it, it’s likely to happen again at some stage, and it’s just so, so horrible. You don’t wish something like that to happen to anybody. It’s clear to me that all the teams should be checked. I’m not sure if they do, but I know in tennis we don’t.”

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