National Tennis League in Australia is a Cheap Copycat of European Club Tennis

by The Insider on August 16, 2011 · 1 comment

in ITF Tours

It has been reported that Luke Saville and Colin Ebelthite will play in the new National Tennis League (NTL) to be launched in Adelaide in November.

It seems like Tennis Australia is trying to bring European club tennis to Australia. Im not a big fan of the idea. I know it provides good opportunities for players, but it seems like a means to an end.

“It’s all go and people are pretty excited,” Tennis SA chief executive Alistair MacDonald said.

“Luke Saville has registered but I’m not sure which team he’s going to play for. There are a few who would want him.”

Instead of trying to keep the top players in Australia, why aren’t Tennis Australia just looking to set up more opportunities for players to travel into Europe to play real club tennis. Im sure Tennis Australia could set up a club in France or Germany and help the top players travel over, play for the club, then play a series of tournaments after the club season.

I’m still not impressed at all with Tennis Australia and how they aren’t really interested in pushing promising players into positions that will instant improve their games.

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