New Tennis Community: Tennis Social Media with Reddit and The Tennis Times

by The Insider on June 5, 2009 · 0 comments

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tennisreddit2We have just launched a new tennis community over at Reddit. Reddit is a system in which users can signup for Free and then submit and vote up their favourite news stories.

Please head over to

Once there you simply need to register for Free. Then you need to make sure you have joined the TennisNews reddit. Finally, once all that is complete then you are able to submit any tennis link you want to the community.

The aim of this is to keep all the best tennis news sources in one place and let the tennis community vote up the articles that they like in which will bring only the best to the top, but will also allow the users to find interesting new tennis resources.

Please help us build up this community and really try to give a great resource back into the communities hands.

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