Not Even Basic Images of Players on the Wimbledon Website

by The Insider on June 30, 2008 · 0 comments

in Grand Slams

Today I was looking at the Wimbledon website and noticed that some of the players in the main draw still dont have a picture of themselves on the site. Wimbledon is the worlds most well known tennis tournament and to think that they cant even get a picture of all 400+ athletes on their website for the tournament is a bit of a disgrace. These pictures are obviously passed down from the ATP or WTA and they dont seem to be updated very often (every decade or so), so how is this a big deal to get done!

Tennis organisations currently seems to lack a lot of effort. Officials are always talking about trying to make tennis more appealing to the broader public, however how can I even support a player if I dont even know what he looks like. From a players point of view it just seem like the fact that you work your ass of to get to Wimbledon main draw and the lazy people cant even get a picture of me on their website. Poor!

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