Novak Djokovic Using New Method of Healing Himself After Shoulder Injury

by Dasha Sulimoff on August 30, 2011 · 2 comments

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After enduring a shoulder injury against Andy Murray in the final of the Cincinnati Masters and having to retire at 6-4 3-0 down, Novak Djokovic used a method of healing that is highly unorthodox for most athletes.

He has stated in the WSJ that he is using a a machine called the hyperbaric chamber in which, a person stays inside in order to compress the muscles at rhythmic intervals. The machine does this by simulating an environment that has high altitude.

The machine in question is called the CVAC Pod which is made by CVAC Systems. It costs $75,000 and the company which makes it, claims that a mere 20 minutes in the pod three times a week can boost athletic performance by drastically improving circulation, boosting red-blood cells, removing lactic acid and maybe aid in stem-cell production.

CVAC Systems CEO Allen Ruszkowski also claims that the technology may be twice as effective at helping the body absorb oxygen as blood doping, which we all know is banned as a performance enhancement. Strangely enough, other athletes are said to use the pod. Ruszkowski said they do so “because they feel it’s a competitive advantage.”

During the current US Open tourney in New York held for the next two weeks, Novak is said to be staying at the New Jersey home of former pro Gordon Uehling, who apparently houses this futuristically innovative machine. Some current clients of another former touring pro Geoff Grant, who have tried the machine “say it’s like a drug. It’s weird—it’s definitely something from the future.”

Current number one in the world Novak Djokovic had this to say about the new miracle-working gadget. “I think it really helps—not with muscle but more with recovery after an exhausting set,” Djokovic said. “It’s like a spaceship. It’s very interesting technology.”

Whether or not this thing really works, which will be quite interesting to examine especially with Novak’s US Open campaign getting started this week, it is a very interesting concept of another step being taken in medicinal technological advances and only time will tell whether or not the “pod” is going to be a more favorable method of healing injuries and recovering from strenuous hours of work on the playing field for other top athletes.

What do you think about this revelation from Novak? Will it become the new go-to trend for athletic therapy? Comment below.

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luis toledo August 30, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Will like the author to extend clarification that this method practically is blood doping. If it is banned why Nole uses it? Is it an advantage over other players? Is it ethical? Please do not throw shadows over this great players acomplishments


Dasha Sulimoff August 30, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Well, it’s not technically blood doping but it does help strengthen the body. It’s not banned so any tennis player on the tour can use it. This article is not about bashing the Djoker, but more about the possibilities of this new technology that he is using and whether or not it will be banned in the future.


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