“Oldtimer” Fabrice Santoro

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We might even start to call him “the grandpa of the tennis circuit”. In deed, the 36 year old French Fabrice Santoro is playing his, wait for it, 16th Australian Open this year! He also detains the record of the tennis player who participated in the most Grand Slams with now his 66th participation at this year’s Australian Open! Unbelievable! Santoro turned pro in 1989, and is today still ranked number 60 of the world. He never had a big break through, he won only 6 ATP tournaments in his career, but was present all those year and often achieved 3rd round of Grand Slams. The right-handed Santoro sometimes seems to be more like a chess player than a tennis player and is well known to be an amazing strategist. In fact, rumors have it, that he analyzes every player and makes a chart for each of them.

Let’s not forget the specialities in his game: the right-handed Santoro is also able to play with his left hand, which he frequently does when the ball is too far to reach with his right one. He is very good at diversifying his game and loves to take speed out of the ball, which tends to drive his opponents mad. He does his volley, again different from everyone else, two handed and yet has an amazing touch, which is why his French nickname is “Magicien des courts”.

Let’s hope for another few interesting years of tennis with Fabrice Santoro who in his own way enriched our sport!

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