Players Ranked Around 100 in the World Dont Actually Make Much Money

by The Insider on June 12, 2012 · 0 comments

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Have you ever thought that tennis players make a lot of money and it can be very profitable? Well you would have been wrong, because Janko Tipsarevic tells the world that even if your inside the top 100 players in the world its still a terrible salary per year!

So in golf, look at how many players made more than $1 million in prize money last year (94) compared to tennis (15). I feel that’s ridiculous. It is about the average salaries. If you are a player ranked about 100, if you stay about 80 or 90, I would say that you would not lose money, but you would not make any money either. Being in the top 100 in anything, in life, is a pretty good thing, I would think. And that’s not including the cost of a physio, it’s just those players and a coach. They have to pay all their expenses, pretty much, and then taxes.

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