Prince is Growing Every Year and Is Now Second Largest in Racquet Sales

by The Insider on September 4, 2008 · 0 comments

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In the past three years, Prince has moved from a weak No. 3 in racket sales to a strong No. 2 behind Wilson. Sales have increased almost 60 percent, to $110 million, from about $70 million, according to Sports One Source, a sporting goods manufacturing analysis firm. As a privately held company, Prince does not disclose financial results.

A resurrection like this is rare in the world of sporting goods manufacturers, where yesterday’s big names are historical reminiscences today, experts said. Few companies that were once major players have gone into a major decline and then made a full-blown recovery. For a decade — from 1992 until the buy-back from Benneton in 2003, Prince was headed the way of brand names such as MacGregor, Spalding and AMF Voit.

How has Prince been able to turn this all around? Are they focusing more on athlete endorsements, tournament sponsorships, online strategies, product development or another method. Im curious to see what our readers think of the Prince brand and if they actually use their products.

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