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Here is a great way of viewing the top 10 players history. This graph shows ranking postion.  You can see the great progresss of Andy Murray, Where Nadal bumped Federer off the number 1 spot and Djokovic staying at number 3 the whol time in this graph. Click on the graph to follow the link.

Look at the fantastic struggle for the number 1 spot in the womens graphs !! 

Tennis World Rankings

The womens graph is much closer andthe number 1 position is continually changing. It appears Jankovic was number 1 for about 1 week.

Something looks strange about this graph.. Why? There should be a graph always at number 1 position. There does not appear to be a number 1 player before April ? I will contact coretennis and update this article when we get an answer.

This graph shows the exact points over time. It is intersting to see how far apart some of the ranking positions are from each other. There is a consistent large gap between 3 and 4 position. I wonder how long Nadal can hold the number 1 position !!

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