Rafael Nadal’s Coach Stated “Parisian Crowd Are Stupid!”

by The Insider on June 4, 2009 · 3 comments

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toni-nadalToni Nadal who is the coach of the 4 time French Open champion Rafael Nadal said some quite rude remarks about the French crowd on Spanish radion Station Cadena Ser.

Toni was none too pleased to hear how little the Parisian crowd was supporting the 4-time defending champion:

In an interview with the Spanish radio station Cadena Ser, Toni Nadal said there was some truth to the phrase: “There is only one set of supporters that is worse than the French and that is the Parisians.”

“They say it themselves and it’s true, the Parisian crowd is pretty stupid. I think the French don’t like it when a Spaniard wins,” he added. “Wanting someone to lose is a slightly conceited way of amusing yourself. They show the stupidity of people who think themselves superior.R”

Rafael had made mention of the crowd’s waning support in his post-match presser after the loss saying,

Maybe at one stage they supported Soderling more than me, and that was a bit sad. But I wish when I’m back they can support me a bit more in key moments.

I know it is great to see the underdog do well, but we are still talking about 4-time defending champion who was little put back by the lack of support. Although I can see why the French crowd might have supported Soderling, because it was a turn point in French Open history and its great to see something like this happen.

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