Reactions after the Australian Open Final 2009

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I just want to give you here some reactions after the final between Nadal and Federer at this year’s Australian Open. wrote:” It’s Rafael Nadal’s world. If you don’t like it, get used to it. After tonight, the baton has officially been passed. Roger Federer was the king; Rafael Nadal is the new king. It’s that simple, that clear. Nadal gave a superhuman mental and physical effort in beating Roger Federer earlier today 7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2 to capture his first career hard court major at the Australian Open.”

Swiss newspaper “20 minutes” wrote:” Nadal inflicted once more an out most bitter defeat to Federer.” wrote:” He cried, and it was hard not to cry with him. The sight of Roger Federer’s lower lip trembling would have been enough to start most soft-hearted observers off, but by the time his tears started flowing, a far proportion of the 15,000 at Rod Laver Arena and the millions watching around the world were probably reaching for the tissues too. If that had not done the trick, then the sight of Rafael Nadal, his conqueror, putting his arm around him in friendly consolation, would have set off a worldwide outbreak of sniffles. Australia, perhaps more than any other nation on earth, values mate ship, and you will not better embodiment of that than the sight of one great champion comforting another.”

Federer after his defeat:” You can’t go through your whole life as a tennis player taking every victory that’s out there. You’ve got to live with those, you know. But they hurt even more so if you’re that close, like at Wimbledon or like here at the Australian Open. So that’s what’s tough about it.”

And:” It was a good game. I had a lot of opportunities that I missed. That cost me a lot. It was a very difficult game. Unfortunately, I didn’t serve well, I never found a rhythm, and that was the key of the game. That might have weakened my confidence at the end. But all in all I played well, besides the 5th set that was just terrible. It shouldn’t have come to a 5th set; I should have won the 1st and 3rd sets.”

Nadal after his 6th Grand Slam title:” This title is very special for me. It was a dream for me to win a Grand Slam on hard court. I worked very hard last year (he corrects himself), my whole life to improve my game on hard court. I am very happy about this title. Today, this means a lot of emotions. Rod Laver was here. My uncle told me a lot about him, that he realized two Grand Slams… It was also very special for Federer today because it was very difficult for him today. He is a great champion. He is the best and he is really an important person for our sport. I am very sorry for him.”

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