Roger Federer Backs Lleyton Hewitt: He Still Remains a Great Champion

by The Insider on June 29, 2011 · 1 comment

in ATP News

Roger was asked, “do you welcome the Australians having a tennis player for a change after their great heritage?”

Federer commented:

“You talk like Lleyton isn’t around anymore. Be careful. He could have beaten Soderling. We’d be talking differently.  For me, he still remains a great champion, always will be.

He almost seems a bit injured to me I’m sure he’s never going to say what was actually the problem with him. But he can really battle through, you know, I think tough moments.

That’s why I admire, you know, him as a player and his work ethic.”

As an Australian it is great to see another player doing well. For a long time we have had great tennis players at the top of the world game. Recently, we have been struggling to produce great male players (women players are doing very well and getting better). Thus, it is great to see Bernard Tomic playing some good tennis, but ideally Australia should really be aiming to have at least 20 players in the top 100 and at the moment we have none!

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