Roger Federer: Enjoy Some of His Nicest Shots

by The Insider on February 3, 2009 · 0 comments

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As no. 2 Roger Federer, turning 28 this year, seems slowly going down, even though he showed us some great tennis at the 2009 Australian Open. Of course he will stay with us for a few more years, but then again he is not at his best anymore. It is not those days anymore where, when watching Federer on TV, you were just amazed by all he was doing; Tennis seems to be easy if you watch him play, which often may result in a big frustration if an average player tries to imitate Federer. Let’s keep in mind that there is only one Federer, which is why a lot consider him as, if not the best, then at least one of the best players of all time. But there is one thing that we can copy from Federer: his relaxed manner of playing, which not only will enable you to hit more powerful strokes, but will eventually help you save a lot of energy on the court.

Let’s now enjoy some of his nicest shots when Federer was at his best and just litteraly destroyed a Lleyton Hewitt or an Andre Agassi in big important finals.

If you want some more of his nicest shots then visit the homepage called:

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