Roger Federers Journey

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On the 18th of August 2008 we are all going to witness Roger Federers number one ranking being handed to Rafael Nadal.

By no means is this the end for Roger, however here is a quick summary of his journey to number one.

1996 – 15 Year Old Roger was a pupil at the Swiss National Tennis Centre

1997 – Swiss Junior Champion

1998 – Junior Wimbledon Champion

1999 – Started the year ranked 302

2000 – Started the year ranked 64

2001 – Started the year ranked 29

2001 – Beat Pete Sampras

2002- Started the year ranked 13

2003 – Started the year ranked 6

2003 – Wimbledon Champion

2004 – Started the year ranked 2

2004 – Tennis Masters Cup

2004 – Australian Open

2004 – Became number 1 player in the world

Federer has dominated the sport for many years. The sign of a true champion. History shows us that these champions come along and change how the sport is played. They take the sport to a new level and rewrite the books.

Coaches and players have studied how Federer changed the game and needed to create a plan to conquer this dominant force. Being such a champion must be stressful. The focus is entirely on you and people want to crack the code.

Rafael Nadal and his team has proven they created a plan and trained for many years. Tested and modified  their strategy where appropriate, persisted and executed it.

They had one single goal in mind to create a game which would take them to number one in the world. In this generation that meant conquering the game that Roger Federer owned and played on his terms.

Every champion owns a piece of the game. They created a moment in time. Thanks to them the game of tennis evolved to a new dimension. Tennis will be forever grateful to Roger for the impact he has had on the game.

Being number one for such a long time must be a lonely place. He would be very much be in a defensive mindset while others try and crack him open. Well done to Rafael Nadal.

Rafael Nadal has brought a new dimension to replace the previous one created by Roger Federer.

I would love to see what Roger does over the next few months. Does he relax, reflect and himself work out how to change his game to become number one in the world again.Becoming number one again would be his first goal – then the elusive Grand Slam. I personally would love to see Roger win all 4 Grand Slams. I would love to watch that piece of history unfold. I honestly think he deserves it.

Whatever the future holds – tennis is the winner having had Federer in the sport.


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