Roger Federer’s Trick Shot – Is It Real or Fake?

by The Insider on August 20, 2010 · 3 comments

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Gillette posted a video on YouTube at the start of the week, which showcased a trick shot by Roger Federer. Obviously the question of whether it is real or fake has been brought up, and Gillette has this to say about that.

All we’ll say at the moment is we’ll leave the ‘real or fake’ debate up to the viewers, but the evidence is there to see. Roger’s skill and ability is incredible (that’s why he’s a Gillette ambassador!) so of course it was filmed in one take during a shoot for Gillette Fusion’s partnership with the British Skin Foundation.

The video went viral after being posted on Monday. It has more than 3 million views it just four days, an incredble testament of how powerful the internet is. Take a look for yourself!

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