Serena Williams Thinks She That Important She Needs Her Own Panic Room

by The Insider on November 7, 2011 · 0 comments

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I didnt want to report about this, but one of our Twitter followers asked for our thoughts. The story is of course Serena Williams calling 911 and going into her panic room when a tennis drug tester turned up at the door.

Really…. Serena Williams thinks she is that important that she needs her own panic room?? Im sure no other tennis player in the world (apart from her sister) has a panic room!

The full story states that Serena fleed into the panic room inside her L.A. mansion after security cameras picked up a suspected intruder. Serena’s assistant called 911 around 6AM last Wednesday, reporting a possible burglar or prowler. The person on Serena’s security camera was a random drug tester for an unspecified tennis association, stopping by Serena’s pad unannounced for some pee.

p.s. Love how the PA had to call the police and wasnt allowed in the panic room! 😉

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