Serves Going Into The Net?

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During a match we tend to tighten up in pressure situations. Serving is where these pressures can mount up. Why? Well, we are expected to win our serve AND we are in control of when the point starts. (Here also lies the opportunity to become a very sold server – more about that another time) If you find yourself pulling your serves into the net it is usually due to you dropping your ball toss shoulder too early. Right handers – your left shoulder. Left handers – your right shoulder. (if ball toss shoulder wasnt clear enough 🙂 )

This is definitely the case IF you find you are looking at the ground after serving. Some people are hunched over after the serve with little forward momentum.

So what to do? A very easy cue to remember in the match – is ‘keep your front shoulder up high’. I mean, really keep it up high for as long as you can. In actual fact it will be forced down eventually as you make impact and follow through the serve.

See the example of the picture in this article. Federer has his left hand and shoulder reaching high. His front shoulder is much higher than the back shoulder.

‘Keep your shoulder high’ is the simple cue in the match to get your serves back on track.

By forcing this action you will stay very tall during the serve and it will force you to go ‘up’ and ‘out’ to the ball.

Stay tall, feel strong, and build a solid serve you can rely on in any situation.

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