Talk to Your Towel

by Michael on July 17, 2008 · 0 comments

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Talk to your towelFor singles players The Tennis Court can become a lonely place. There are so many things going on out there and it is left to you to process them all and work out what to do.

Well here is a tip. Pretend, in your mind that your towel is your new best friend and coach. Take him or her with you all over the court. Your towel follows you down each end of the court and every time you need a chat do it! (You can actually wipe your face and forearms with it too !)

It may sound strange, but by talking to your towel – probably not too loud – you are actually talking to your self, and having to construct your thoughts in a coherent way. Therefore the jumbled ideas in your head become clearer. Listening to yourself or asking yourself questions, you WILL give your self answers.

There is a great book called ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ and early in the book it talks about Self One and Self Two. You become the player and the coach. Talk about what to do next, if you are feeling tired etc. IT is also a way for you to ‘vent’ and become more relaxed afterward.

By talking to the towel you start to ask the coach in you clear questions and YOU WILL get answers. Remember not to talk too loud, maybe you dont need to actually say anything out loud, but just go through the process and see how that goes !

Thanks for listening and keep the feedback coming in.. It is great to hear !!


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