Tennis Australia Wont Support Bernard Tomic if ITF Bans Him from the Circuit

by The Insider on February 2, 2009 · 1 comment

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Tennis Australia’s director of player development Craig Tiley declared Tomic would not receive any support from officials if the ITF bars the 16-year-old prodigy from the Pro Tour.

Such a ban would not prevent Tomic contesting ATP or grand slam events, but eviction from the Pro Tour’s Challenger and Futures events would block the Queenslander’s bid to improve his ranking.

TA’s hardline stance comes amid revelations an official at theSorrento futures event filed a police complaint against a player’s parent.

WA police confirmed a complaint had been lodged on December 2 and investigated, but would not name the parent.

A spokesperson said no action was taken and the report was forwarded to TA.

John Tomic was ordered to make a public apology by TA for forcing his son to default the match and has privately described the experience as the most humiliating of his life.

Bernard Tomic was fined $1350 for walking off court during the second-round match when trailing Marinko Matosevic.

The youngster could be charged with aggravated behaviour by the ITF, an offence which could lead to a Pro Tour life ban.

Tomic will rise to about 550th in the new rankings and will probably be selected to make his Davis Cup debut for Australia against Thailand next month.

But his immediate fate rests in the hands of London-based ITF officials.

“Two things with that. John Tomic’s copped his penalty from us in a public apology. Then also we’re not going to defend the ITF’s decision,” Tiley said.

“Quite often what happens is that the ITF makes a decision which is pretty harsh. Then the national federation comes in and tries to overturn it. We’ve told the ITF we’re not going to be doing that.

“So whatever the ITF’s decision is, we’re supporting it.”

Tomic walked off court after being ordered to do so by his father, who had repeatedly accused officials of not taking action against Matosevic’s alleged foot faults.

An argument ensued after the match between John Tomic and officials.

Tiley said the Tomic’s had been counselled and he did not expect a repeat of the behaviour.

“John knows and Bernard knows that (defaulting) is against the rules,” Tiley said.

“You don’t walk off the court without a reason. You get punished for that and you get penalised for that.

“And then you don’t talk about the officiating after the match or talk to the officials.”

“You get penalised and punished for that – that’s the rules of the game. We don’t have jurisdiction over the parent, only the athlete.”

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