Tennis Racquets All Grown Up

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It is a known fact that a tennis racquet is the most important piece of equipment to a tennis player. Nowadays we have tennis racquets made with innovative technology that promise to improve your game, but that wasn’t always the case.
The first tennis racquets were typically composed of laminated wood and string made from the natural fibre found in the walls of animal intestines known as catgut. The normal racquet size was restricted by the weight of the wood, which had to be sturdy in order to hold the strings and firm enough to actually hit the ball.

Over the years, tennis racquets have evolved, going from wooden racquets with animal intestine strings to that of Volkl`s Power Bridge 1 tennis racquet which uses Power Bridge technology, the Prince EXO3 Silver 115 made with an enhancing Energy Channel and many more racquets from top brands in the industry.

The Power Bridge 1 tennis racquet from Volkl is perfect for a player searching for the best racquet with a lightweight and powerful frame. It`s Power Arm technology offers punishing acceleration on the ball. The Power Bridge technology is implemented in two mechanisms; the DNX technology and the reduction of the cross-section of the bridge while maintaining stability.

The Prince EXO3 Silver 115 has reduced the head size to 115 square inches from the previous model and has shortened the length to 27.25 inches. Also included in this tennis racquet is the patented Thermocarbon string suspension inserts, resulting in a better feel and a larger sweet spot.

The EXO3 technology is an active technology that works to transfer a maximum of 26% more energy back into the ball on impact giving more spin and precision. The Energy Channel is a channel within the frame that promotes more strength, increased ball control and raises spin up to 25%. The Energy Bridge is an exo-skeletal configuration that hangs the string bed from the frame, thus making the head size for a sweet spot up to 83% larger.

Over the years tennis racquets have come quite a long way from the original wooden frame and catgut strings. Top tennis equipment brands have introduced technology into their racquet lines.

New racquets from industry tycoons like Wilson, Prince, Babolat, Volkl and many others now offer more stable racquets with larger sweet spot sizes, increased control, more power and many other benefits. The game of tennis has more or less remained the same, but the equipment has changed the sport for the better.

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