TheTennisTimes Forum – VIP Tennis Forum – Writers Selected from Forum to Join Main Site

by The Insider on May 27, 2013

in Tennis Times News

A few weeks ago we put out an open call for writers to join TheTennisTimes. We had an amazing amount of people email about the positions and wanting to help grow the community. Thus, we have decided to setup the following:

  • New Forum launched:
  • will be a more serious tennis news and opinion site.
  • Forum: more fun topics, gossip, news, community opinions and more.
  • Writers will be selected from the forums to join our full-time writing team in which we will be offer paid placements in the future.

The Forum will be offering a small amount of sections to begin and will grow over time. We are also hoping to get a lot of professional players involved in the forum so they can answer your questions.

Additionally, we will be posting the best posts from the forum onto the live site and all-through our social media – Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

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