Toni Nadal Adds Fuel To Madrid Fire

by Clare on May 13, 2012 · 0 comments

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Uncle Toni has added his thoughts to the continuing debate about the blue clay of Madrid.

“The fact that the ATP gave permission for this tournament is an outrage,”

“One of the highlights of Rafa’s year is playing in Madrid and what has happened is that this event puts the Spanish players, who are more (traditional) clay players, at a disadvantage,” he added.

“So you say ‘I want to play in Madrid but not at the cost of my health nor at the cost of losing my feeling on the court’.”

Toni disclosed that after Rafa had first trained on the blue clay he advised him to pull out.

“If he had listened to me he wouldn’t have played this year,”

Tiriac & the ATP were the main targets with Toni adding:

“How much power must this guy have if they let him change the customs and habits of the players,”

“But the main culprit is the ATP,” “He can do what he wants at his own tournament, but the ATP should not have given him permission and I expect them to withhold it next year.”

The ATP have said that final decision regarding the colour of the clay for 2013 will be taken once all feedback from a variety of sources has been taken into consideration.

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