Twitter War Between Players

by Clare on May 18, 2012 · 0 comments

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There were some interesting exchanges between players a few days ago.

The “row” started after recently retired Croat Ivan Ljubicic posted the following Tweet.

“Wonder how our tour would look if European players were skipping American tourneys the way Americans are skipping European Tournaments”

This understandly provoked responses from American’s including Mardy Fish who has missed the two clay Masters due to an undisclosed illness.

“Some of us aren’t skipping tournaments bc we want to do ur homework before u make dumb generalized comments,”

John Isner & Andy Roddick spoke out in defense of their countryman with their own Tweets


“I know for a fact that @mardyfish is going through some serious physical issues right now. … Irresponsible tweet by @ivanljubicic1. … also I definitely always respect the choices of ATP tour veterans because I know all of us do what’s in the best interest of our health and our careers. … I expect the same in return “


“Pretty sure Mardy Fish is sick,”

A short while after Ljubicic posted another comment to help diffuse the row.

“My tweet regarding american &european players was to open the discussion rather than offend somebody. But I see some people got offended. And I am sorry for that. Wasn’t the plan. And I definitely wish @MardyFish fast recovery!!!”

Hopefully players will think before hitting the “Tweet” button.

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