Want more power? Loosen your grip

by Michael on July 28, 2008 · 1 comment

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Loose GripFirstly, welcome back to the week! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and played some tennis.

Yes, sounds weird. Most peoples first reaction is, “Shouldnt I hold the racquet tighter if I am going to hit it harder?”

Do a little experiment for me. While you are reading this squeese your hand tight. With a tight hand, try and flap your arm, elbow and wrist around loosely. Hard isnt it ?!!?! Now, loosen your hand and try it again, much easier.

Having a loose grip does a few things. With a looser grip your wrist, elbow and shoulder will be 10 times more relaxed – as you just noticed. In addition with a relaxed shoulder you can rotate your upper body, leading to your hips etc.

Upon impact with the ball just give your hand a little extra squeese then relax it again after impact to have a loose follow through.

The forehand today is much different to the old traditional style forehand. Hitting the ball harder must be accompanied by more topspin, to keep the ball in the court. The current racquet head size allows us to apply heavy top spin, not possible with older racquets.

By focussing on your hand your whole arm will loosen. Experiment with lifting your little finger off the racquet. See how lightly you can hold the racquet.

Another tip – change your overgrip regularly – keep it sticky and moisture free..

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